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siRNA Collections & Databases

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  • HuSiDa 0.00 (Matthias.Truss) - the human siRNA database: an open-access database for published functional siRNA sequences and technical details of efficient transfer into recipient cells
  • RNAiDB 0.00 ( - RNAiDB provides access to results from RNAi interference studies in C. elegans , including images, movies, phenotypes, and graphical maps
  • siRNA Database 0.00 (MIT) - A collection of SiRNAs obtained from published data with references and sequences (some). Maintained by Michael McManus at MIT.
  • The RNAi Consortium shRNA Library 0.00 (The RNAi Consortium) - Short hairpin RNA (shRNA) clones produced by the TRC, as well as protocols for handling and conducting screens with shRNA molecules. The RNAi consortium shRNA library is distributed as bacterial glycerol stocks, plasmid DNA or lentiviral particles by Sigma-Aldrich and as bacterial glycerol stocks by Open Biosystems.

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